Christian and Missionary Alliance of Lima

Each year, a group of churches in the Christian and Missionary Alliance of Lima organized a Missionary Congress. This is a spiritual feast that celebrates the advancement of God’s kingdom in the world, step into the light of all those who receive the good news of Jesus.

Alliance Missionary from Peru held its congress united. Speakers or Oradores: Daniel Bianchi y Carlos Scott de Argentina, Jesus Londoño, Rudy Giron, Mariano Bláquez Burgo y Pablo Carrillo Luna de España, Fernando Larzabal de Colombia. Adolfo Bentancourt de Peru. According to the organizers there were a total of 8500 attendees in five days (4 to 8 June). On Thursday June 5 there was a special meeting for pastors on the subject Being centrally Christ in Mission with an attendance of 150 pastors. On Monday June 9 there was a special forum for 200 people taking decisions in the Congress Kingdom.

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